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Our Firm

Sheila Mayden Interiors is a small design firm in the Greater Seattle area, specializing in whole-house residential interiors since 2004.  While our portfolio is diverse in style, we have an affinity for old homes, traditional design, color, pattern and richly-layered interiors.  All of our work is highly collaborative and fully tailored to each client.  With every project, our goal is to exceed homeowner expectations and create a unique living environment that is aesthetically pleasing, thoughtfully crafted, and designed to last for years to come.


Sheila's Style

"While ever evolving, my personal style tends to be a carefree blend of traditional and eclectic influences.  I love a playful mix of old and new, high and low, classic and trendy, practical and frivolous.  I prefer things with character, quirks, and a bit of mystery over fancy or perfectly matched.  When purchasing products for my home, it is not about where it comes from or how much it costs—only that it meets a particular need, adds a bit of fun, and provides visual delight.  Warmth, comfort, livability, and a relaxed feeling of contentment are my goals."

Our Team

Jill Harle

Design Assistant

Lois Hale

Administrative Assistant

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