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Since 2004, Sheila Mayden Interiors has been creating timeless residential interiors as diverse as its clientele.  Whether it be a casual beach house for a family of four, a rustic rambler for a pair of empty-nesters, or a stately Georgian-style home in need of restoration, the goal is to honor architectural traditions, meet the practical needs of the client, and infuse new life into tired or undeveloped spaces.

In all of this a single, underlying philosophy can be found—that a home is a living, breathing, work of art, meant to be lived, played, and worked in; a place for entertaining, rejuvenating and making lasting memories.  Good design should last for years to come and the sign of a well-crafted space is its power to inspire and enrich the lives of those who dwell there.

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Sheila Mayden began her formal training as an artist, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Visual Art at the University of Washington. It was there she developed her eye for color, balance, and composition, and honed her own personal aesthetic—one that appreciates the beauty found in simple, every day surroundings; where colors and textures are harmonious, and pattern and detail delight the eye.  This aesthetic infused her artistic training and carried through when she later decided to pursue a career in Interior Design.

Sheila’s early years as an interior designer were spent working for architectural firms, where she gained a strong understanding of construction drawings, architectural details and the importance of communicating effectively with contractors and tradespeople.

These skills served her well as she transitioned into the field of residential design, and over the years have earned her high regard among architects, contractors and clients alike.  Her reputation for excellence, combined with a personal goal to always exceed the client’s expectations, are what have led to numerous repeat customers and clients who happily refer Sheila to their friends and family.




"While ever evolving, my personal style tends to be a carefree blend of traditional and eclectic influences.  I love a playful mix of old and new, high and low, classic and trendy, practical and frivolous.  I prefer things with character, quirks, and a bit of mystery over fancy or perfectly matched.  When purchasing products for my home, it is not about where it comes from or how much it costs—only that it meets a particular need, adds a bit of fun, and provides visual delight.  Warmth, comfort, livability, and a relaxed feeling of contentment are my goal.  For me, well-designed, means well-loved and well-lived-in."

Our Design Process

We are a full-service, boutique-style interior design firm with an architectural focus. Although we take on a wide variety of projects, both large and small, our best projects are ones in which we are involved from the ground up, putting our stamp on the architectural design and detail of the home. We firmly believe that creating a beautiful interior is not just about adding pretty furnishings and accessories.

One must first address the very bones of the space. Once the architecture supports the vision, we delight in creating fully-custom, elegantly furnished spaces; ones with unique textures, textiles, shapes, materials, patterns and colors — each composition unique to the client and a perfect reflection of his/her needs, lifestyle, and definition of beauty.

Step One: Contact Us

When you contact Sheila Mayden Interiors, we will gather a bit of information about the scope of your project, what you hope to accomplish, your timeframe and a general sense of budget. We will then mail you an information packet that details the extent and range of our services, our fee structure, and a design philosophy statement. Also included will be some photo examples of our work, illustrating our broad range of styles and capabilities.

Step Two: Sign Up

Once you have reviewed the packet and decided to work with us, we will set up a time to visit your home and review the project (or in the case of new construction, a time to review the architectural plans). From there we can create a detailed fee estimate and issue a design contract for all parties to sign. After the contract is signed, we will measure your space, conduct a full client interview, and take all necessary project notes.

Step Three: Create the Plan

When all the pertinent information has been collected, we will begin formulating a plan—whether that be drafting architectural drawings and details, specifying fixtures and finishes, or shopping for unique furnishings and accessories. Several design meetings will be conducted throughout this part of the process, giving the client a chance to review the drawings and product recommendations and approve the general direction of the plan.

Step Four: Implement the Plan

With direction and oversight from Sheila, the project will be assembled and installed. Oftentimes this happens in stages — i.e. the architectural “bones” are put in place, the finishes are installed, the fixtures go up, and the custom furnishings are ordered and delivered. Slowly it all comes together, until the big “reveal day,” when the vision is complete.

Greg, Seattle, WA

Developer Services Group,
Owner John L Scott Real Estate, Seattle Center

"Sheila is an amazing designer. I have worked with her on numerous renovations of old world charm conversion condominiums. She has a great eye for pulling every aspect together. She is a team player and has the ability to work well with architects, developers, and buyers. She has made my life so much easier to market and sell condominiums. I would highly recommend her."

Jen, Seattle, WA

Project Description:
Exterior renovations and full, interior remodel of foyer, kitchen, living area, and master suite.

"Sheila has been an integral part of making our 1920s Seattle Tudor a home we can envision living in and enjoying with family for years to come. I love beautiful fabrics, textures, stone, and wood-- because she is such a wonderful listener with an amazing sense of style, she has never failed to amaze me when she comes with her basket full of swatches and samples. Besides her talent for design (as well as incorporating fun and unique architectural aspects indoors and out) she is also very organized and simply a gracious person to work with."

Bob, Everett, WA

Prism Cabinets,
Custom Cabinet Maker

"Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was working with you on the last couple projects with Tim. Your professionalism and attention to detail is a breath of fresh air for me! I know in our busy world it’s easy to forget to say thank-you to those who really do a great job and you are one of them!

If I ever get involved directly with owners or contractors looking for design help you will be the first person recommended."

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